Instant Print Service / 現場即影即印服務

Whatever and wherever you want to enjoy our service, we can provide it in any location. Not only Indoor & rooftop cocktail party, even on the Beach, inside a shuttle bus and even Side of the road etc. HOPFi also provides different size for selection, 2R, 4R, 5R, 6R, 8R & 12R. The quality instant print photo and special tailor design photo holder, We help you to keep your guest smile while leaving, Let's Keep Smile!

無論何時何地 HOPFi都能為客戶提供所須服務, 服務不只限於室內或連接戶外的範圍
即使沙灘、路邊、我們仍能提供一套完善印相服務, 在不同宴會上 HOPFi都能為客戶提供
不同尺寸的即時相片沖印服務, 尺寸由2R、 4R、5R、6R、8R甚至12R都能提供

優質相片沖印加上度身設計封套, 為你的活動錦上添花

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