About HOPFi / 有關HOPFi

HOPFi provides delightful service experience to every clients, well developed working system and flexible service arrangement suitable for different occasion. We are more looking forward to see our clients in second times, and we are warmly welcome every new client contact us for having service advice and service arrangement.

HOPFi幾年來一直致力為每位客戶提供最稱心可靠的攝影服務體驗, 完善的工作系統及彈性服務安排適合不同場合, 我們高興的不止是認識每位新的客戶, 更高興的是能服務每位重臨的客戶, 我們十分歡迎任何私人及商業客戶查詢有關服務提案及安排